Ingénierie / R&D

EG 427, a French biotechnology company that pioneers a new approach in gene therapy called pinpoint gene therapy.

EG427 is a preclinical stage gene therapy platform biotechnology company that is leveraging non-replicating HSV-1 based viral vectors to develop a novel class of innovative therapeutics. Our initial focus on peripheral nervous system (PNS) disorders is based on the unmet need coupled with the high potential of HSV-1 vectors in order to provide major clinical benefit in these areas. With headquarter in Paris, our global footprint gives us the prospect to partner with leading organizations around the world, allowing us to deepen our understanding of disease mechanisms and progression.

Our team was built with deep expertise in gene therapy development, allowing us to efficiently advance our programs from pre-clinical to clinical development. Our experience in viral vector design, optimization and gene therapy manufacturing of herpesvirus viral vectors give us an alternative approach to developing gene therapies. Additionally, we are developing proprietary technology to potentially enable innovative gene therapy treatments in variety of indications.

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