Connected vehicles services development management H/F

Réf. 1600162W-16707747

Stage - Ingénierie

Localisation : Yvelines

Début : dès que possible
Durée : de 4 à 6 mois
Indem. : à définir

Renault SAS

Présentation et activités du secteur d'accueil:

The Connected services team is developing the cloud for implementation of the services for connected cars - a vNext. The definition of almost 100 of services is done together with the Nissan team. The project is developed by Microsoft team.

Connected Cars services development management

Détails des missions confiées au stagiaire:

  • The mission is to perform the project management tasks in the IS/IT environment.
  • The task is to follow-up the design activity for all services. Construction and animation of the follow-up Dashboard for Renault and Nissan. Responsible for the actual status of the design effort.

Résultats attendus:

  • A design of the activity dashboard, to keep it up to date (animating all concerned parties) and to communicate on regular basis to all project members.

Apports du stage (compétences acquises,...):

  • The possibility to participate in a big and complex project. The possibility to act in an international environment with high complexity. The project is a highly innovative one - connected cars is a very new topic that will bring a breakthrough in a whole automotive industry in incoming years.
  • The communication is a main concern in such circumstances. The project manager should be able to have a tools that allows him to have a good picture of the project situation. The dashboard that will be done is one of such tools.

Formation et diplôme préparé:

Bac +5, The IS/IT speciality backgroung is required

  • No particular technology, MS office is a main tool used
  • A very good knowledge of English is required. The project is evolving in an international context and all documents are done in English. Japanese could be very good added value.

Spécificités liées au poste:
As we are working with Japan, some meeting start early at 8:00 am

Durée du stage et période: Can start as soon as it is possible end of 2016. The end of the stage can be April or May 2017
Lieu du stage: Renault main engineering site - Technocenter. In Guyancourt, close to Versailles in Paris suburbs

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