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Wabtec Corporation - FAIVELEY TRANSPORT

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La société Wabtec Corporation a procédé au rachat de Faiveley Transport, le nouvel ensemble est organisé en deux segments d’activités : Transit pour le transport de passagers et Fret pour le transport de marchandises. Le siège du Groupe ainsi que du segment Fret est basé à Pittsburgh aux Etats-Unis. Celui du Segment Transit est basé à Gennevilliers en France.

Faiveley Transport, filiale du Groupe Wabtec, est un acteur mondial de systèmes intégrés d'équipements ferroviaires à haute valeur ajoutée. Avec plus de 5 700 employés dans 24 pays, Faiveley Transport a réalisé un chiffre d'affaires de 1,048 milliard d'euros au cours de l'exercice 2014/2015. Le Groupe fournit les constructeurs, les opérateurs et les organismes de maintenance ferroviaire dans le monde entier avec la gamme de systèmes la plus complète du marché : Energy & Comfort (climatisation, captage de courant et information passagers), Access & Mobility (systèmes d'accès passagers et portes palières), Brakes & Safety (systèmes de freinage et coupleurs) et Services.


Responsibilities and Missions:

1/ Non Production & Investment (NPR&I) Operations on HQ site (50%):

Responsible for all NPR&I Spend and savings for the site:

  • Key User for the E-procurement solution (Synertrade) on the site:
    • Daily ordering of goods and services for the Head Quarters of Faiveley Transport through the E-procurement solution
    • Manage Supplier database and Supplier creations
    • Assist users in their daily use of the E-procurement tool
    • Work closely with accounting department to ensure proper order transfer and supplier payments in due time
  • Ensure strict application of NPR&I global rules and processes on the site: Vendor list, tendering process according to the purchasing amount, respect of budget, etc …
  • Accountable for the delivery of cost reductions to the site:
    • Monitor the cost of products & services
    • Identify opportunities for cost reduction or other alternative suppliers, other substitutes, or other techniques that bring added value to the business.
    • Manage and optimize the supplier base (vendor list) in order to obtain the necessary improvements
  • Manage the renegotiation and the renewal of existing contracts with suppliers
  • Resolve claims and issues with suppliers (Management of contractual and payment disputes)
  • Work closely with other NPR&I buyers to evaluate and participate in regional projects

2/ NPR&I Projects for the Group (50%):

a) Implement a Class C Item management system

Current situation: Management of Class C Expenses is time consuming for low added value tasks and not focused on core business for NPR organization.


  • Transfer this internal workload to third part
  • A pilot is already launched in Germany. If proved successful, the idea is to deploy the same solution in the rest of Europe
    • Step 1: Spend data analysis and Pareto classification
    • Step 2: amongst the class C items, determine those to be managed through the 3rd party
    • Step 3: assess budget and obtain approval to deploy solution
    • Step 4: define process/rule for each expense type + get approval
    • Step 5: contract
    • Step 6: communicate & deploy


  • Implementation on HQ site
  • Support implementation on other French and/or European sites

b) Lead a European project for the rationalization of the panel of suppliers for Translation services.


  • Understand local practices and expectations of each site in terms of Translation
  • Analyze and determine market players (sourcing of suppliers) and market practices
  • Put in place a strategy, in agreement with stake holders and users, aiming to reduce and consolidate the supplier panel for translations
  • Be responsible for all tender process
  • Responsible for the deployment of supplier agreements and their implementation on Sites


Strong organisational skills and ability to plan and manage time efficiently

  • Results oriented with strong written and oral communications skills, (negotiations, supplier relationship, internal communications)
  • Ability to convince
  • Computer skills (MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • Fully fluent in English, other language highly appreciated

Based in Gennevilliers
Starting September
Duration 12 months - Apprentissage ou Professionnalisation

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Wabtec Corporation - FAIVELEY TRANSPORT
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