The UN: a brand in extinction? Some useful plugs to rebrand the UN.
Article publié en 2009 - 16 pages


By considering the United Nations as a global brand, how can we understand its performance in a world where people, economy and goods move and change around as never? What is this organization actually doing for itself and for others?

For the past decades, the UN has experienced a lack of credibility due to several internal as well as external issues that have made its image less strong. But what has happened to this brand to make it loose its efficiency and above all, its notoriety as a pacific dealer of humanitarian conflicts?

Since its creation in 1945, its goal is to change behavior in a global way in order to help all the countries with health, security, and education issues. This challenge does not deal only with its infrastructure, but also with developing countries that have their own history and way of life. Perhaps one of the reasons the UN has lost its reputation is because the benefits it offers have become more invisible.

There is a big issue with the UN: in one hand it is seen as a friend (it helps solve problems, fights for human rights, peace...); but in the other hand, it is seen as an administration or even as a "global government". This is why it is fundamental to understand the perceptions of people so the organization can adapt to future situations.

From a communicational point of view, the UN should first analyze internally what are its future challenges. Once it knows the opportunities in which it can improve, these so called “family of organizations” develop both: an internal communication program; and then, move to an external campaign.

We all know this is not an easy task, but nevertheless, all challenge can always be seen as an opportunity, a purpose to get stronger and survive. As JFK (1917 – 1963) once said: The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word "crisis". One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of danger – but recognize the opportunity.
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