Product Placement in Movies and Television
Article publié en 2008 - 15 pages


It is a fact that today, advertising is everywhere. 3 000 is the number of daily advertising messages consumers are confronted to . The result of advertising in the streets, the subway, on television, at the movies or during sporting events, pushed the consumer to ignore the advertising messages.

Traditional advertising is less ans less effective in reaching the consumer, who has the choice between a great deal of channels, and is confronted to the newest technologies like digital video recording devices such as TiVo, or watching streaming movies on the internet. The viewer today is able to eliminate almost any commercial.

Therefore, marketers have to find new ways to put their products in the consumer's mind. They have come up with the idea to advertise without advertising, which defines the concept of undercover marketing, which consists in approaching the consumer without him knowing that he is being marketed to.

This is where branded entertainment comes in. The most common way used is product placement, or brand integration, throughout vectors like cinema, tv series, novels, songs or more recently, video games. It is successful in the United States where it is very often used. France is slowly, but surely, starting to integrate product palcement in its movies.

But like any marketing tool that promotes a brand or a product, it has to be well thought of before put in place. Because a bad product placement is like a bad commercial.
And it is not what the viewers have signed up for, so marketers, as well as the movie producers, have to be vigilant concerning the use of brands and products in their scenario.
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