Investigating the impact of shock appeal in HIV/Aids advertising amongst current and/or changing attitudes toward HIV/Aids from the young irish people point of view
Mémoire publié en 2009 - 55 pages


HIV/AIDS is a problem that is known now since decades, however, few literature and research have been done on the subject of the HIV/AIDS problem in relation to advertising.

The purpose of this study was to investigate this relation, under the headings of the shock appeal.

This paper was conducted under three main objectives, which helped the researcher when analysing the data he collected.

The research was divided into three parts: the literature review, the methodology and research design, and the findings from the primary research.

The literature review was a review of all the academic work done in advertising effects, particularly on young people, and its relation to the HIV/AIDS problem.

The methodology and research design were built in order to give the researcher the possibility to research and investigate the three objectives he stated.

The results of the primary research, of the research elaborated in the methodology and research design part, were classified to help the researcher clarify and answer his objectives.

Finally, the author gives recommendations for further study on this field and on the use of his own paper.
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