ZettaByte Pte. Ltd.

Informatique - Edition

ZettaByte was created in Oct 2016 in Singapore by Mr. Chris Mugnier and Mrs. Trang Nguyen. Since Day 1, the objective is to make ZettaByte one of the worldwide leaders in providing solutions for Education.

With the release of the platform ADMTC in Feb 2018, Zettabyte provides a mini ERP to manage the end to end process of Government based certifications (RNCP) for Private Universities. Since then, more than 100 private Universities have joined ADMTC as paying customers.

The market of ERP solutions for Universities is huge and competitive but we got several advantages to leverage on :

  • We are newcomers. So no old and complex code legacy to maintain. 
  • We think of our features in a modern way considering the latest behavior patterns of users as Academic people and Students.
  • We leverage on brand new technologies and framework
  • We are well connected to the higher education world. Since we released the ADMTC platform in February more than 100 Universities have joined as paying customers. That makes us the fastest-growing application in this sector in Europe.
  • Nowadays, we serve 200+ Higher Education Institutions in Europe.

We work together with our multicultural team from our offices in Singapore, Bali, Yogyakarta, and global with our freelancers, to create and produce tools that increase the quality of life for anyone who is involved in the education sector.

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