At PricingHUB we serve (e-)retailers with best in class pricing tools to increase their profitability by delivering Dynamic Pricing capabilities and leveraging on-line data to optimize their trading objectives.

In a first step we aim at serving top tier e-commerce but our goal is to deploy algorithms that will be able to serve smaller e-commerce players thus giving us access to a huge market. On the long run we do believe that we could use on-line data to help retailers make better decisions in their physical stores and implementing more dynamic pricing thanks to digital labels that will give the capability to update prices in store overnight.


  • What is the right price for selling a product on my website ? Should I stick to my competitor price, sell it cheaper or more expensive?
  • Our platform tests the market reaction to price modification and helps the webstore managers to define their selling prices according to their goals.
  • We use multiple machine learning algorithms to provide and apply automated daily prices recommendations.

Technical challenges

Large data sets, multiple data sources, real time processing, noise detection, clustering, reinforced learning will be the main challenges to build our optimization engine. Being a small company is a chance , from technical perspective, we are using virtualization, continuous integration and continuous deployment  from day one and we have the goal to build a robust and professional architecture. Our key asset is our product and technology is the cornerstone of our product strategy. 

Founders and Team

PricingHUB founders , Jerome Laurent (CEO) and Xavier Casellato (CTO) , have both an experience of entrepreneurship ( as well as big publicly traded companies. They are putting together a team of Top notch experts in their areas (Pricing, DataScience, IT) and are supported by a strong Advisory Board : Manu Carricano (MIT PHD), Sophie Bernard (former VP EU of AMS at  Amazon) Sephan Clemençon (Co-Director of the Telecom Paris Masters in Big Data.

Values and Company Culture

If we have left our comfortable corporate positions is because we believe that data driven agile start-ups can bring a lot of value to larger businesses. Our focus is on understanding clients needs,  analysing and modelling data to help our clients increase their profitability . We are data driven and have the culture of testing and still we are work in a relaxed environment where trust and empowerment are key values. Fundamentally PricingHUB is multicultural and a pan Europeen, we have one feet in Barcelona and the other in Paris our customers are in Europe.

Who we want to work with

More than just employees, PricingHUB is looking for entrepreneurs in the soul, who will be involved in the project. The first employees will be shareholders of the company (BSPCE), so we are looking for real partners.

We particularly value people curious to learn, able to find solutions and proactive in the will to invest  on topics outside of their initial area of expertise.

We are set-up for success so jump with us!


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