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Planet Expat is the first HR company dedicated to startups, innovative companies and consulting firms.At Planet Expat, we believe that education is the key to reveal the brilliant and agile minds that will shape the world of tomorrow. We developed a strong expertise in human resources and operational excellence in international environments, and leverage this knowledge to empower the most innovative ventures, global-minded educators and high-potential individuals.

More specifically, we developed an excellence program based on experiential learning. We create synergies between promising fast-growing companies and young talents from all around the world. We provide career-boosting placements in innovative companies in Latin America, Europe, USA and Asia. Young professionals are given a unique opportunity to develop an international network, take on challenging responsibilities and get exposed to new work cultures.

Planet Expat is very present on the entrepreneurial scene in Latin America. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, we organized the first, second & third editions of the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum in Chile. We were featured in CNN, Pulso, La Tercera and numerous national newspapers and entrepreneurial blogs.

We are looking for a risk-taker young professional to join our very international and passionate team. You will experience entrepreneurship from within, surrounded by seasoned professionals providing you with a unique opportunity to learn a lot, not to mention to be hired for a permanent position afterwards.


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