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Since 1933 the vocation of the Lactalis Groupe has been to transform milk in all its forms and to offer the best dairy products to the broadest range of consumers. This mission translates into a strong committment to the Dairy industry.

Cheese remains the Company core business and the sector where it continues to lead, accounting for 34% of the Company turnover.

From the great classic cheeses like mozzarella, Swiss cheese and Camembert, to the legion of regional specialities, from large cheese making plants to the smallest dairies.

Lactalis values and respects the unique heritage of each product in its own right, and always promotes the notion of terroir and local tradition.

The Lactalis Groupe also has a dedicated division which specialises in fresh milk which accounts for 25% of the Company turnover, as well as another which specialises in yogurts and chilled desserts which accounts for 13% of the turnover

Lactalis utilises an in-depth knowledge of milk and everything dairy to create and manage a very special portfolio of high quality products, manufactured in both large cheese making plants and the smallest local dairies; catering to the tastes of the widest range of consumers.


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