Informatique - Edition is a newly created start up, making a personal & collaborative productivity app augmented with IA. It’s an application at the intersection between note-taking, journaling, time and task management. It is like the wikipedia of your life and projects with an assistant that helps you organize the information and recall what matters at the right moment.

It started as an idea while doing humanoid robots: how a robot can help its surroundings, how to help with our schedule, knowledge and memories, like a secretary or a friend assisting with what’s coming next, remembering us what matters or happened.

A prototype of the application currently exists, it is written with Flutter & Supabase, it runs on mobile / web / desktop. The app's basic features are here, it is waiting for its intuitive and proactive user interface.

This is a challenging project, it requires a pragmatic approach to this utopian dream of making an assistant, the design should be elegant, the application should be trusted by the user, and should be a pleasure to use, not a constraint.

You will be in a challenging environment, moving fast, with passionate people, requiring you to be curious, pragmatic and speak english. 

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Paris, France