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Institute of Chemistry and Materials of Poitiers UMR 72 85 : University of Poitiers is a multidisciplinary research institute created in 2012 specialized in the study materials (clays, catalysts, ...), the natural environment (water, soil, ...), and reactions (natural or) taking place therein. The main application areas related to synthesis, pollution, exploitation of natural resources.

The Institute has a staff of 250 people: 100 researchers (75 faculty members from the University of Poitiers and CNRS researchers 25), 50 permanent staff of research support (26 universities and 24 CNRS), and 86 doctoral students 14 postdocs and temporary staff.

IC2MP covers a continuum of scientific and technical know-how from research of clean processes, including development of materials, synthesis and characterization of natural and synthetic molecules, the decontamination processes, through the study of transfers and reactivities in the natural environment, particularly in water and soil.

Application areas related to energy, materials and natural resources in a sustainable environment.


4 Rue Michel Brunet 86000 Poitiers

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