Two entrepreneurs coming from the marketing digital industry that have created in 2016 the first marketing-media agency targeting pet owners.

Our mission is to help companies to communicate/reach pet owners. For that we have launched the dogobox and created a community of dog owners called dogofriends.

dogobox is a free gift box containing discounts, surprises, products, useful informations and is distributed to 100.000 dog owners in Belgium per year through a network of 1000 veterinarians, breeders and shelters.

It’s currently and simply the largest and best way to do sampling if you target pet’s owners..

Around the dogobox, we have built dogofriends, a growing community of 65.000 dog owners that receive regularly our newsletters and promotions of our partners.

We have also a Facebook group community of 36.000 dog owners and an instagram account launched recently.

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Why join us ? 

  • If you want to work in Business development & Marketing instead of doing coffee's or copies... Foxmango is the best place to join.
  • We are a team of +- 6 people and we work in a design & openspace envrionnement.
  • With us you will get rapidely responsabilities where you will develop your creativity and learn pratically what  we do to achieve our mission for our clients.


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