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Junior Local Deploy - H/F (technical deployment of Ecolabel/Ecocert)


CDD - Biologie

Réf. 295693
dès que possible
de 4 à 12 mois
à définir

Notre objectif : Faire du développement durable un standard !

Nous figurons parmi les leaders des secteurs des boissons et glaces, des produits alimentaires, de soin de la personne et d’entretien de la maison et sommes présents dans 190 pays à travers le monde.

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Junior Local Deploy - H/F

Key Accountabilities :

The main purpose of this function is the technical deployment of Ecolabel/Ecocert /Others certifications innovations/renovation plan for HC Europe portfolio under the line manager. The job owner is the Certification Champion for EU HC R&D team.

This role implies also to collect, organize and keep up to date, all technical data on both French and Spain portfolio, this to facilitate certification process and data availabilities to relevant stakeholders.

Finally the role will require to be responsible for Special French regulatory activities on Biocides (Synapse, Simbad). This role could occasionally require a support of other LD assistants regarding AW/Claims validations (for Spain & France)

  • Be responsible to obtain Eco-certification (European & local) for all European HC projects.
  • Be the first point of contact for the R&D Regional/Global community to define the Eco-certification process, timings, constraints to deliver projects. This activity will be made with the LM support
  • Collect data and Ensure the submission of Eco-certifications dossiers at relevant competent bodies.
  • Provides support/training/on eco-certifications questions to all R&D Regional/Global community and if required to all business partners (e.g. Marketing, CD..)
  • Follow closely criterions update from Competent body and deliver modification in our current certifications/new project when required.
  • Build database on current Eco-certified portfolio across Europe and keep it up to date. These data have to be available for R&D community.
  • PR Issue Management: help locally the management of PR issue on specific topic. (with Regulatory partners)
  • Participates to defense activities in case of challenges by Authority and/or Competitors.
  • Fully deliver biocide declaration for French authorities (Synapse, Simbad)
  • Can be the support to validate Artworks and claims if the team need helps (both countries Spain and France)

Profil required :

Predominantly scientific education (chemistry, cosmetic or biology, physics, food, pharmacy, engineering ...). ideally 2 years after baccalaureat.

  • English fluent (spoken/written)/ ideally Spanish
  • Really well Organized
  • Networking, team spirit, diplomatic
  • Problem solver, positive thinking
  • Data analysis competences
  • Passion for innovation, science, technology products
  • Passion for R&D

Lieu : à Rueil Malmaison (92)
Durée et Date de début : CDD - ASAP

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