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Business Development - Vente de Yacht - Monaco

Lombrosa Yacht

CDI - Commerce / Distribution / Vente

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Lombrosa Yacht enables to sell or buy your yacht anywhere in the world. It is the 1st worlwide network of qualified brokers helping you to find yacht for sale in your area.

Lombrosa Yacht find a luxury yacht for sale in UKAustraliaSouth Africa, anywhere !

  • We find and show you a selection of new or pre owned yacht. We follow you in all the steps of the secured transaction.
  • All our brokers get the same qualifications and follow our corporate guidelines and process in order to be efficient everywhere in the world.
  • We are exisiting since 1998, with more than 100 brokers in our network, and more than 500 yachts under management all over the world, we are the number 1.

With our team you will be able to find luxury yacht, speedyacht, used yacht, super and megayacht, sailing yacht, small yacht, million dollar yacth, any boat is findable with Lombrosa Yacht brokers and dealers !

If you don't want to acquire your own yacht of your dreams, we do yacht charters with partnership in any marina of the planet, getting you discover best beaches and blue areas.

Visit us at ! W

We will be happy to have you on board ;)

Business Development - Vente de Yacht

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Lombrosa Yacht cherche un business developper pour voyager et rencontrer nos clients et vendeurs à travers le monde.

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  • Vous devez être expert du monde du yachting et être familier avec le monde du luxe.
  • Avec au minimum 5 ans d'expérience vous avez déjà vendu des produits de luxe à une clientèle internationale.

Pour postuler merci de nous contacter via notre site.

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Lombrosa Yacht
Guillaume Manca
10 quai Albert 1er
98000 Monaco