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Lorina Inc is a privately owned French company and has become the Number 1 brand in the category of Premium Adult Carbonated Soft Drinks in France and abroad. 

Founded in 1895, we continue to produce all our lemonades in Munster, a small French village close to the German border. We have maintained our original formula for 120 years and to this day, every product is made with real sugar and spring water from Les Vosges as the primary ingredient. French quality is our motto

Lorina is currently available in over 40 countries around the world and has a subsidiary company in the USA (Headquarters located in Miami – Florida) that imports and distributes French sparkling lemonades all across US & Canada. You can visit our website www.lorina.com.


Adresse 2655 S. Lejeune road
Ville Miami
Code Postal FL33134

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