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Welcome to InternAfrika, a Cape Town-based company offering internship programs for international students.

InternAfrika ( gives you the opportunity to gain real work experience whilst discovering South Africa. Through our experience and vast local network, we can offer you a tailor-made internship based on your profile, personal goals and interests.

We offer more than just an internship: it is an immersive experience in which we support our interns, enable them to find fitting work experience and help them grow as individuals. Our local team will support you from the moment you register, to your arrival in Cape Town and throughout your internship.

We start by assisting you to find the best choice of internship, based on your requirements, qualifications and the type of person you are. On request, we will also assist with the visa process, as well as a range of other handy services such as: helping you find suitable accommodation, car rental and provide a wide range of touristic experiences, etc.

Our aim is to help you develop your skills and succeed in both your professional and personal life, in the unique and amazing city of Cape Town.


Adresse 4 Malta Road
Ville Cape Town
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