People and Organization Capability Consultant Assistant(e) - Développement des RH

Réf. Assist Devpt RH

Contrat en alternance - RH / Recrutement

Localisation : Hauts-de-Seine

Début : dès que possible
Durée : de 10 à 12 mois
Indem. : à définir


People and Organization Capability Consultant
Assistant(e) Développement des RH


People & Organization data management: responsible for data analysis for entire POC scope (Management Excellence, Competencies analysis, High Potential development, Division organization, People Score Card). Lead implementation of processes to optimize data use. Partner with POC Manager to define action plans. 

  • Pilot call for bids and performance management of external vendor services.
  • Optimize impact of POC agenda.
  • Identify training needs of managers and create projects to meet these needs.
  • Drive strategic development projects for the HR department.

Job description:

  • People & Organization data analysis: create standard reports from existing POC tools (Manage point, Career Compass) to support HR strategy drive HR agenda and. Lead analysis on some key area and propose action plans. Ensure HR team readiness on the POC tools. 
  • Succession planning: Help build and monitor senior level slates. As part of these activity  follow through to enhance key talent movement 
  • High potential development: support identification of learning experiences needed for HiPo’s and help HR Leadership Team to make these experiences real for the HiPo’s. Participate in and help deliver HiPo development events: Leadership Conference, Skip level meeting with senior leaders.
  • Build and monitor quality Coaching (int. /ext.) infrastructure that provides coaching for HiPo’s in their journey to develop their leadership capability through learning experiences and leadership challenges. 
  • Ensure that budgets, schedules, strategy, rollout, etc. happen in an integrated fashion between International and France.
  • Interface with Corporate POC teams: be part of the design team for new initiatives, communicate and help roll out to International POC leads, etc. 
  • Work closely with International POC team to ensure we are using POC work strategically and leverage across regions. 
  • Work closely with HRBP to ensure we are using POC work strategically and leverage across businesses.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Conceptual thinking and project management skills
  • Very strong analytical skills.
  • Candidates must be very at ease with the IT HR tools and system 
  • Experience working in a global corporate/international/subsidiary work environment would be ideal. 
  • Excellent cross-group collaboration, interpersonal skills, customer focus, and the passion for people development and organization
  • Language: Bilingual English, French a plus

Stage type césure ou Apprentissage

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