Transaction Connect SAS



Transaction Connect was founded in 2016. We provide a revolutionary marketing suite for the retail world by leveraging transactional data to provide a SaaS-based advanced customer knowledge platform for shopping malls and the retail industry.

Transaction Connect is headquartered in Paris. First incubated in Paris Dauphine University, we have been accelerated through Lafayette Plug’n’Play (Q4 2016) and UR Link (Q1 2017) accelerators.

Selected by Challenges magazine “100 startups where to invest” (April 2017) and we are currently finalist for the David with Goliath Challenge (October 2017).


Adresse NC
Ville Paris
Code Postal 75004

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Transaction Connect SAS

Stage - Informatique - Développement
Durée : De 4 à 6 mois
Début : Entre janvier et mars 2018
Localisation : Ile de France

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