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A single device to make all your appliances smart. LUKO is a low cost, but smart, device that improves home safety and helps reduce your energy bill. In 3 seconds, stick Luko on your home electric meter. Using Machine Learning Luko will analyse your electric consumption in real time and detect every major appliance in your home.

With one device you make all your dumb appliances smart to improve home safety and comfort (ex : get alerted if you've left the fridge open, when you need to order detergent but more important if you forgot your Iron ON generating fire hazard). Finally, Luko allows you to track appliance consumption costs and know how much you save following simple tailored advice. On average Luko user saves 15% off their electrical bill.

Founded by Benoît Bourdel (X-Polytechnique 2016, smart grids & AI expert) and Raphaël Vullierme (HEC Paris & INSA Lyon, Serial Entrepreneur), backed by top european investors, Luko is a green tech IoT startup building the artificial intelligence of tomorrow homes. JUMP on-board to make sense for you and the planet!


Adresse 91 rue du faubourg Saint Honoré
Ville Paris
Code Postal 75008
Téléphone 06 82 38 14 87
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